Wixárika Culture

About Huichol Art

Tierra Huichol visits the different Huichol communities into the Mountains of the Sierra Madre of Jalisco and Nayarit Mexico and works with as many families as we can. We provide them all the tools, beeswax, and the colorful glass beads as all the materials to accomplish all the awesome art full of symbols and meanings of the wixarika culture.

Huichol Land

Wixárika Art

The symbols and forms still retain their originality. The hidden messages in the art of each piece, is fruit of the inspiration of the trip that the wixárikas realize to the spiritual world. Your messages are transmitted through a series of symbols. Know and find the piece that best represents you.

Horse head decorated with Huichol Art

Unique and unrepeatable pieces, each symbol has a message and history. The decoration reveals the beauty of its shapes and colors.

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